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What makes Nub's Nob Alpine Racing (NNR) unique in the world of alpine race training programs is that we train more than any program, on the most optimum hills, under the direction of some of the most diverse and experienced coaches around.  These resources allow us to address the individual needs of each racer.  Nub’s Nob Ski Area is home to the dedicated race training hill “JB Arena” and the famous “Scarface”.  JB Arena provides a home for our aspiring racers in a venue specifically designed to give them the training they need. Based on a model that has produced Olympic and FIS champions we installed a high speed rope tow enabling racers to build strength on their way up the hill while increasing the number of runs in the gates in a given training session. Available to our advanced racers, Scarface provides the most extreme alpine race training available in the Midwest, with more pitch and terrain changes than any other venue.  NNR training is best suited for serious racers ages 14 and up. 


NASTAR racing is included with all NNR regular season registrations on the days you train.


NNR offers over 80 days of on snow training:


Regular Training Times:


Saturday and Sunday:  9-10:30am and 12-1:30pm on JB Arena

(Some Sundays will be early training on Scarface 7:00-8:30am and JB Arena 10:30am - 12pm... Check calendar routinely)

   (November 30th through March 14th as conditions allow)


 Monday and Wednesday:  6:30-8:00pm on Scarface

            (January 6th through March 11th)

2019-20 NNR Sport Team Training Programs
Full Training

Full training is the best and most intense training regimen around.  Athletes have the option to train during all NNR training sessions (Thursday's excluded) including our highly successful NNR Holiday Camp December 26th through 31st .  This program is meant for serious racers, ages 14 to 18 who race US, FIS, high school and/or college and want the flexibility to train as their schedule allows them.  For ski racers who desire high-speed, steep terrain and are in preparation for major competition.  Must be physically fit, a strong intermediate or better ski racer and have coaching staff approval for participation. Helmets are required for all training.

Weekend or Weeknight Training, and Holiday Camp

Weekend or Weeknight Training is intense training for serious USSS, FIS, high school and middle school racers who can only attend on weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) or weeknights (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and want to attend the NNR Holiday Camp December 26th through 31st. 

Helmets are required for all training

Weekend and/or Weeknight Training Only (No Holiday Camp)

Weekend and/or Weeknight Training Only is available for our serious US, FIS, high school and middle school racers who can only attend on weekends or weeknights and will not be able to participate in our NNR Holiday Camp December 26th through 31st.  Racers have 2 programs to choose from:

1.   Weekend Training includes Friday night and two sessions on Saturday and Sunday on JB Arena. NNR Holiday Camp is not included in this program.  

2.   Weeknight Training is two nights, Monday and Wednesday of training on Scarface and Friday nights on JB Arena during regular night skiing season (beginning January 6, 2020).  Athletes can train on Saturday and Sunday with NNR before night training begins and after night training ends.  NNR Holiday Camp is not included in this program,

Helmets are required for all training

Master and Senior Training

Master and Senior Training includes all available NNR training sessions during the regular skiing season, and NNR Holiday Camp December 26th through 31st and is offered to racers 19 years and older.  This program best suits US and Non-US Masters and Seniors, Speed Series, Lite-League, MACC and NASTAR racers who desire high speed training on steep terrain.

Helmets are required for all training.

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