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Take your ski racing to next level with NNR US racing!

Nub’s Nob Alpine Racing (NNR) is a member club of US Ski and Snowboard (USSS) and offers coaching at sanctioned regional and divisional USSSS and FIS (International Ski Federation) races.  NNR athletes can choose to race on the NNR USSS Comp Race Team and receive special coaching at USSS and FIS events.


What is a USSS or FIS race?  USSS governs the US Ski Team and provides a pipeline for alpine racers to advance to the most professional level of racing possible, from grass roots to World Cup.  They offer club level races throughout the US to help introduce and grow young prospective athletes.  FIS is the governing body of World Cup racing and entry level FIS races are provided throughout the US to advanced athletes of older ages.  NNR US Competitive team is the primary starting point for our aspiring athletes by providing USSS certified and knowledgeable coaches at USSS races (and entry level FIS races) to guide and develop our racers. On race day, our coaches provide our team athletes course inspection, course reports, and instant feedback after each race run along with video analysis of runs when possible. In addition, we provide equipment evaluations and teach proper equipment maintenance to all our racers. 


Athletes racing USSS and FIS are encouraged to have coaching and NNR provides some of the best on hill services for our team. 

 How do you participate in Nub’s Nob Alpine Racing at US Races:


                                                                      USSS Membership is required to race at USSS Events. 



                                                                       US is broken out into sections throughout the United States. NNR athletes who choose to race US are in Region 3 of the Central Division (CR3) and must be register with the region as well as US to race.  CR3 has a choice of races you can compete in, you choose which races will match your schedule for the season.




Select the appropriate NNR Competitive Team training program based on age and race goals for the season. 






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